1. Expecting your team to work, care, or think harder than you do. You set the tone.
  2. Not spending enough time getting to know what motivates senior management. You’ll struggle to hit their mark.
  3. Hiring team members who have more experience than passion. You’ll never get the results you expect.
  4. Assuming that everyone around you knows what you expect them to achieve. You’ll see lots of things slip through the cracks.
  5. Tolerating passive aggression from anywhere and anyone in the company. Your team is guaranteed to be uninspired.
  6. Allowing sales people to develop sloppy habits even though they achieve quota. You’re allowing future failure.
  7. Using a quota to set goals for success instead of inspiring your team to be “awesome”. You’ll change the world that way.
  8. Settling for “good enough” in place of continuous and obsessive improvement. You won’t stay the best for long.
  9. Not being clear with everyone about what success looks like to them specifically. You have to make it personal or people won’t perform.
  10. Taking too long to fire employees who aren’t a good fit with your expectations. You’ll demoralize everyone else who has to watch this process drag on.
  11. Hanging on to negative people because they get the job done. You’ll never be happy to go to work.
  12. Messing with your sales people’s money — for any reason at all (even if you’re angry).  Your best people will leave — and they should.
  13. Focusing on the short term growth more than execution of a movement. Your revenue will be wildly unpredictable.
  14. Not listening and learning from employees, customers, advisers, and competitors. You’ll make dumb mistakes.
  15. Making excuses for poor customer service — or for any problem at all. You’re customers will disappear.
  16. Allowing fear of failure to stop you from making bold decisions and moving decisively. You’ll never get to where you want to be.
  17. Spending more on technology than you do on coaching for your team. You’ll miss out on the magic of employees who are inspired to change the world for you.

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