Ninety-four bull shit comments, most don’t even make sense.  One genuine person, (Love you M) and one other comment that appears to be a real person.  So, again not motivated to dedicate hours to writing but continuing with living my life in a way to benefit not only myself but others as well.

Our Canine Companion puppy, West has moved on to advanced training and is doing well.  We miss him of course but have a new puppy keeping us buys as well as entertained.  Noyo is now 10 weeks old and has been in our home for almost two weeks.  We love him, that took about 2 seconds.  He’s a doll, he’s a snuggle boy and quite smart.  He knows his name, comes when called and sits on command.  He enjoys baths and he has had a few since he has had a few accidents.  This goes with the territory.  Housebreaking won’t take too terribly long but it is something each dog owner goes through.

I’m doing some dog training in exchange for donations to Canine Companions for Independence.  I frequently get asked if I could be hired for training.  While I do have a lot of experience with dogs, I have not had formal training.  So, to gain training experience and help raise money for Canine Companions for Independence, I am sharing knowledge.  Thus far I have done four sessions with one client and we are all over the top happy with the results.  Turns out, I’m good at this!  Of course, each dog and each dog owner are different so I hope to continue training as fundraising and gain experience with different human and dog personalities.  As a dog walker for Snagglefoot Round Lake, I care for many breeds and sizes of dogs and learn from every experience.  I favor the large breeds but love the Havenese puppies, Boston Terrier pup, Silk Terrier, Chihuahua, Beagle and mixed breed little dogs that I get to spend time with.

The Lake County Fair is coming up in less than two months.  I have quilts to finish and am expending to enter some of my new crafts in the fair.  I’m making jewelry, barrettes and decorating picture frames and vases.

Take care (M) everyone.

All the Best,


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