We begin with the simple idea of a cooperative that finds value in each members talents and efforts,  That structures the others work pay’s worth both at the site and offsite.  Hours are reported under  the honor system and reviewed by intake.

Intake takes in donations and evaluates for recycling or reuse.

Breakdown removes components down to motherboard and case.  Components are moved to wiping and testing.  Scrap components are broken down into bins.

Wiping runs a DOD level wipe on drives and labels good or scrap.  Good is labeled with make, model, speed and capacity.  Scrap is returned to breakdown.   Good are stored for build or sale.

Memory testing separates by type then test and separates by speed and capacity.  Scrap is returned to breakdown.  Good are stored for build or sale.  Scrap is returned to breakdown.

Build takes basic case and motherboard for build or returns to breakdown.  System will be built to minimum or better specs as servers and client as well as loaded with proper free OS and applications.  Systems will then be tested and rated for sale, donation or internal use.

Internal servers, lan, wifi and coding stations will be built to support open development and developer training.

This is just the basic idea.  Most processes will be adjusted to Houston’s resources with the Hackpads and constitution of Freegeek Chicago as our guide.

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