…. Hell – I dont like half of the things that have happened to me over the past month or three – YET – there was NOTHING WORTH DRINKING OR DRUGGING OVER…And why not? Because I have long since learned that I dont have to like the way things are or the way they take place and/or impact me or my plans in life…I CAN ACCEPT THEM AS PART OF GOD’S PLANS FOR ME and that is GOOD ENOUGH!

REALLY? We why dont you join me Sunday January 19th, as we discuss the topic of acceptance in our daily lives and what it has meant to me through my personal experiences.

Join me eevry Sunday as we tackle various topics relating to Addictions and Soberiety while learning what it takes to get and stay SOBER as you listen to those of us who found recovery and work programs in recovery ONE-DAY-AT-A-TIME! It DOES WORK IF YOU/WE WORK IT SOBER!

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