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On the last episode ofGetting Social with Miriam, my guest and I had discussed a common issue that entrepreneurs face, and we spoke about a great solution. The truth is that most entrepreneurs and many employees are bombarded with stress and constantly face challenges in regards to time and stress management. Therefore, they become very frustrated, less productive and many time experience burn out. My guest out of central Queensland, Australia Gaye O’Bien and I discussed this issue.

Gaye O’Brien is a catalyst for transformational change in business. She coaches, speaks with and provides leadership workshops to companies to enhance their performance by increasing their customer base, maximizing their profits and systematizing their business to reduce time spent in the business. She is very aware of the challenges that businesses face, and skilfully coaches corporations and small businesses around the world to navigate a pathway toward their goals, dreams and aspirations so they can show their magnificent selves to the world.
Gaye O’Brien offers coaching, workshops and home study programs to individuals. People who have big dreams for the future are empowered to develop their highest potential, by discovering their passions, values and beliefs, discarding their limiting beliefs and implementing stress reduction, time management, and goal setting techniques to embrace peak performance in their lives, relationships, business and health.

Gaye O’Brien shares her insights in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way, with international media including radio, newspapers and magazines, and with groups of individuals who desire to make their greatest contribution to the planet and co-create a more enlightened world. Gaye has also taught many people NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and we talked about this powerful technique and how it has helped empower mindsets of anyone. It is a fact that if you are running a business, and want to be successful with it- you have to have the right mindset. If you don’t and dwell on negative aspects of life, you will not be in a good state of mind which will not only be detrimental to your business but to your overall health. Gaye explained how NLP is used, and how it really is beneficial. In order to learn more about NLP, tune into the podcast and connect with Gaye below.

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