Become a KPHRED Host

What is a KPHRED Host?

A KPHRED Host is an individual who would like to host 2 hrs of broadcast time each week. Episodes can be live or memorex.

What is required?

You must be a good writer and truly want to share your passions and knowledge with others.  After that, here are the requirements:

  • A commitment to post a show or go live once a week and write a 300-500 word show post. .
  • Share 2 other blog posts from the site each week
  • Complete the contact form and indicate you would like to be a KPHRED host.
  • There is a brief interview so we can understand what you want to write about and share with our readers.
  • Things we will need to set up your page: Bio of yourself, Bio of your company if that applies, Headshot of you, & Logo of your company if that applies.
  • Links to Your website or blog so we can set up your blog feed coming into the page.
  • Links to your Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
  • You must sign an agreement with KPHRED stating you will only post appropriate content.
  • A virtual training session on “How to Post Your Column” will be provided at no cost.

 PLUS you will receive expert training in WordPress and social media distribution.

I am interested and I have a few questions.  How can I get more information?

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