Become a Community Voice

What is a Community Voice?

A Community Voice is a Columnist.  An individual who would like to post columns on one of the Linked Local Network Community sites.

What is required?

You must be a good writer and truly want to share your passions and knowledge with others.  After that, here are the requirements:

  • A commitment to post a column once a week of 300-500 worlds that is of interest to your location community or topic community.
  • Share 2 other blog posts from the site each week
  • Complete the contact form and indicate you would like to be a Community Voice.
  • There is a brief interview so we can understand what you want to write about and share with our readers.
  • Things we will need to set up your page: Bio of yourself, Bio of your company if that applies, Headshot of you, & Logo of your company if that applies.
  • Links to Your website or blog so we can set up your blog feed coming into the page.
  • Links to your Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
  • You must sign an agreement with Linked Local Network stating you will only post appropriate content.
  • A virtual training session on “How to Post Your Column” will be provided at no cost.

Will I be paid for my columns?

There is No Payment associated with becoming a Community Voice with Linked Local Network.  There is also no cost to you to have your voice heard through the Linked Local Network Community.  PLUS you will receive expert training in WordPress and social media distribution.

I am interested and I have a few questions.  How can I get more information?

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