Are you seduced by worry and uncertainty on your way
to living your Calling?
Are you ready for a dose of optimism?

David Mezzapelle250

Then you’ll want to catch a dose of optimism from this weeks On Purpose Show with our inspiring guest, David Mezzapelle, author of Contagious Optimism:  Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking.

David reaps the rewards of contagious optimism every day.  By using positive forward thinking he anticipates favorable results in advance of them happening, thereby making difficult circumstances surmountable.

The live show airs on Thursday November 14, 2013 at 12:00pm central time (time zone converter).  Listen online at:  or from your phone at 323.580.5755 or listen to the recording at your convenience at,
In addition to being the author of Contagious Optimism,Daid was the founder of Goliath Technology, a global data center infrastructure company. He also orchestrated one of the most innovative internship programs ever created, a staple for organizations today. After selling Goliath, Mezzapelle launched several companies and philanthropic initiatives along with serving on various boards. Throughout his life, he has encountered great peaks and valleys all of which he is grateful for and has always kept his glass “completely full.”

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