Even during these days of great uncertainty – it is becoming more and more apparent that we – each and every one of us are responsible for the choices we make. In everything we do – its the choices that we make today that will be the building blocks for our futures – – – and hopefully we will recognize and desire a future that is free from unnecessary drama and crisis. We  – as individuals – have the power to make that happen! Once you realize this – once you find the courage to back away from matters and situations that are fraught with tragedy and heartbreak. What do you need to do to see these warning signs and heed the experiences shared.

Join us every Sunday as I bring to the airways, candid and stark stories of days gone by for some of us and the frightening future for others. Where is YOUR future headed?

JOIN ME – LIVE by calling in to our HOTLINE = we welcome ALL CALLERS – Comments, Questions, Concerns, or critiquing…we want YOU to be heard.

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