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Dan Czuba - Road to Recovery

Dan Czuba – Host Road to Recovery

Courage is NOT YOUR AVERAGE 4 LETTER WORD…My road is the same road that most everyone travels – maybe it has a few different stops along the way – and certainly a wonderous variety of distractions to be seen and possibly even enjoyed. If you find yourself encountering difficulties along your Life’s path – will you be willing to be courageous and do the right thing? What IS the RIGHT THING?! Join me as I open the discussion about Courage is NOT YOUR AVERAGE 4 LETTER WORD, COURAGE – what is it ? How does one get it? And what can be done to Get or Strengthen PERSONAL COURAGE…

JOIN ME as this is a LIVE BROADCAST – and I welcome CALLERS to express their opinions / thoughts – or ask questions or share your own personal stories of recovery and hope. Our call-in number is 323-580-5755 and we go LIVE from 7 PM until 9 PM every SUNDAY EVENING.

I certainly hope you will be able to join me next week!    BY THE WAY – be sure to STAY HOME THIS MONTH and STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!

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