Life isn’t reasonable.

It’s not reasonable that some people are born into a lifetime of abject poverty while others are birthed with a silver spoon in their mouth.

It’s not reasonable that bad people get away with horrible crimes while others who try to bring justice to the helpless are taken advantage of.

Life isn’t reasonable.

It’s not reasonable that mean-spirited, passive-aggressive business leaders gain influence and get promoted while those who work hard, inspire other, and lead quietly suffer through the grind.

It’s not reasonable that life takes the young and sweet from us too soon.

It’s not reasonable that dreams take more money and time to pursue then we imagine.

Life isn’t reasonable.

Your mistake is trying to be.

You believe that if you have a fair and logical plan and put a reasonable amount of effort behind that plan, that everything will turn out perfectly.

But that’s not how unreasonable works.

Life is full of glorious potential and opportunity for those who are willing to live unreasonably.

Your options are endless.

Be unreasonable.

  • Believe what you want.
  • Work harder than you feel necessary.
  • Laugh when you feel like crying.
  • Try when the last try didn’t work.
  • Have a purpose that defines you.
  • Be mission-driven.
  • Forgive the unforgivable.
  • Ignore the critics and cynics.
  • Invest in love.
  • Trust people.

If it sounds crazy, it might be that one unreasonable thing that catapults you closer to where you want to be.

Don’t waste your life being reasonable. You deserve better.

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