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Do I need a moisturizer or hydrator? Is there really a difference?

Let’s start with identifying if you have dry or dehydrated skin. Signs of dry skin are flakes, scales, redness, irritations and rough. Dehydrated skin is itchy, dull, dark circles under the eyes, sunken eyes, shadows, fine lines and wrinkles.  Dry skin will have more topical issues than dehydrated. Lots of topical issues that have more redness and visibly looks angry to where dehydrated skin looks tired.

Now the difference between hydration and moisture. Overtly simplified hydration is water, moisture is oil. Hydrators help attract water in your skin, which gives your skin that elastic quality, keeps lines and wrinkles at bay and gives you that healthy glow. Dehydrated skin is also a sign of a dehydrated body. It is critical to drink enough water, to avoid  or at least limit caffeine, alcohol, fried and salty foods the top culprits of robbing your system of hydration. If your urine is darker, you have to frequently urinate especially after drinking water you are dehydrated. I’m not a Dr don’t even play one on TV but being cognizant of your hydration is crucial to not only your skin but every function of your body. We are walking batteries and if you do not have sufficient water the electrical impulses that supply the messages to every piece of our body to work wont be sent and we find ourselves depressed, lethargic and shut down. Severe dehydration and chronic dehydration cause a whole lot of bad things you don’t want to deal with. If drinking water is not your thing try infusing it with lemon, lime, blueberries, strawberries or if you are more savory basil, rosemary, cucumber. Infinite possibilities of infusing, google recipes to find something that works for you. Not only does infusing add taste it also adds a caloric value that will help your body grab it and use it rather than passing right through you. You will find when your body finds hydration you don’t pee as often and your energy level will be sustained.

OK  back to skin. All skin types need both hydration and moisture. Besides drinking water you can use topical hydrators. Hydrators are typically serums, the top ingredient you should look for is good ol’ Hyaluronic acid. It can hold 1000 times it weight in water you don’t get better than that. It’s non irritating and great for soothing acne,eczema and other issues that can accompany dry skin. Ceramides is the other ingredient to look for. Dry skins will want to avoid serums that contain lactic, glycolic or Alpha hydroxy acids as these can be too strong and irritate your skin.  Dehydrated skins should be ok with these extra ingredients as they will help with cellar turnover.

Moisturizers will be a whole post because there are so many to choose from. Depending on what  accompanies the dry skin will choose what moisturizer you need. So enough to digest for today. Go drink some water and have a great day.

Until next time, Carpe Diem!!!


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