Do you have Fall family traditions you and your family follow every year?

Maybe your family goes to a pumpkin farm to choose a pumpkin to carve and display on your front porch or maybe each family gets to choose a pumpkin and all of them are displayed on the front porch.

Some families have contests and give a prize for the best looking carved and decorated pumpkins.

Each family has its favorite fall festivities and below is a list of my family’s favorites.

We always visit Avila Valley Barn a local farm that always has a beautiful display of gourd and pumpkins.

Pumpkins at Avila Valley Barn

Some of the other things you can do at the Avila Valley Barn are listed below.

  1. Experience a labyrinth made of hay bails.
  2. Feed the goats and cows.
  3. Take family photos
  4. Shop for fresh produce
  5. You can also purchase fresh pies, homemade jams, and preserves,
  6. Let your child ride a pony.


For more information or a list of other activities at the Avila Valley Barn go to

Besides visiting the Avila Valley Barn we also follow many other traditions that create memories for years to come. We love to attend many of the local Fall Festivals that are hosted by churches and other organizations. New Life Church in Pismo Beach hosts the Fall Fest where children and adults can have fun playing games where they can earn treats, carve pumpkins, play a game called a Cake Walk. and many other activities. for more information on the New Life Church Fall Fest go to

Another tradition that my family had as a child was to carve pumpkins and roast the pumpkin seeds and each season with a different flavor.

When we lived in the Sacramento area we would visit a farm called High Hill on Apple Hill near Placerville. We would have a carpool of 4 or 5 families come along for the fun, drink hot cocoa and eat apple pie ala mode, and then have pizza on the way home.

High Hill Ranch Apple Pie

Since we moved to the Central Coast we try to add a new tradition every year and then rotate them each year depending on our schedule. I think this year we will visit some of the farms in Sea Canyon in San Luis Obisbo, have a picnic and get some fresh apple cider. For more information on Sea Canyon go to

Please share some fo your favorite traditions with me by leaving a comment.





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