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In the middle of March, a persistent blanket of white and grey snow covers all that was once green, fruitful, and flourishing. It appears to be a cold and barren landscape, however, beneath this hibernating world, deep in the heart of winter, are signs of renewing life. We celebrate one of these hidden, life forces with the tapping of the maple trees during the Sugar Bush Fair held at the Vera Meinke Nature Center at Spring Valley on March 15th and 16th.

Where's the Pancakes – Oils © D'Argo 2014

Where’s the Pancakes – Oils © D’Argo 2014 The times are different for each day, be sure to check the website.



Both days are morning events and serve up a pancake breakfast. The breakfast includes a stack of pancakes, REAL maple syrup, sausage, juice and coffee. Admission to the Fair is free, but tickets are required for breakfast and will be available at the Nature Center about two weeks before the event. Pre-sale tickets are $3.50 for a half stack and $4.50 for a full stack. Day-of prices are $4/$5. The word is, “come early”.

The Sugar Bush Fair is in its 30th year due to its popularity. They have thought of everything. You can walk or take a wagon ride from the Nature Center to the Sugar Bush Fair location. Sit down for your morning pancakes under an enclosed tent, then, explore the demonstrations. Learn the loving care that is required when coaxing the sweet juices from the Maple tree to ensure the tree’s health and longevity. The stations include; hands-on tree tapping; how to make a spout out of wood; the technique for boiling the sap to just the right stage; and maple syrup sampling. Historic re-enactors will share the significance of the syrup to American Indians and Frontier Pioneers. It is a deliciously fun and fascinating event.

A special thanks to Whole Foods for sponsoring this event.

For easy parking go to the School District 54 Administrative Office off of Schaumburg Road west of Plum Grove Road. Shuttle buses will take you to the fair.

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