Get up and get busy. Get out of bed.

Stop telling yourself that you’re not a morning person. You’re just not a motivated person.

All the things that you want for yourself require you to get to work right now.

That fear you feel — it goes away when you begin to apply activity.

So get up and get busy.

Stop making excuses for staying in bed.

Stop pretending like you owe yourself more rest.

Life is hard. You’re going to be fatigued.

Stop crying and get busy. All you have is today.

You’re not even guaranteed to have the whole day.

All you have are these moments that you’re wasting lying in bed hoping that the universe magically bends in your direction.

But it won’t — and it could — because you’re not putting in enough effort.

You’re not even trying.

What if you got up an hour earlier each day, using that time to find your inner motivation or to begin experimenting on some of the new ideas you’ve been thinking about?

You would get more out of each day.

An hour earlier each day for just 5 days of the week every week for a year translates to 260 extra hours working on your big idea.

That’s more than a month and a half of 9-to-5 days.

How much more could you achieve with an extra 6 weeks of time?

How much more could you achieve if you traded sleeping in for getting things done?

You would actually get things done.

It’s hard to get started when you’re still tired from what you did the day before. That’s still not an excuse to stay in bed.

Nothing works if you don’t work — which is where everything you want for yourself begins.

With you working. With you trying.

Get out of bed and get busy. Your goals can’t wait any longer.

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