What are you thinking about right now? What’s been bothering you the last few days?

Maybe it’s something so personally scary and uncomfortable that you haven’t been able to even say it out loud. You haven’t had the courage to share it with anyone else.

It’s all inside your head. Bottled up.

Under pressure. Ready to explode.

What you think about most determines what you do and if you’re successful or not.

The things that are the easiest to think about are the most hurtful to your long-term success.

It’s not natural for you to automatically believe when things look really really bad that you’re going to be the one who makes it.

What you automatically think about is “how hard it is for you” and “how you never seem to be able to get a break” and “why does this sort of thing always happen to you.”

You don’t think about the positive, inspired possibility.

Fear and doubt and panic take over the thoughts in your mind.

Unless you do something about it. Unless you are proactive about controlling what you allow yourself to continue thinking about.

To stay focused and productive you have to disrupt the negativity that your brain automatically feeds you.

Take a break on the outside so that you can give your thoughts a break on the inside.

Stop what you’re doing. Take a deep breath.

Disrupt the pattern of allowing your mind to follow the scariest path. A path where your productivity slams to a halt.

Where your dreams die. Where the best you’ve got going is to give up now and hope the worst doesn’t actually end up happening.

What are you thinking about? What have you been thinking about?

If you’re not where you want to be it’s probably because you’re not controlling what you allow yourself to think about.

Get your head straight.

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