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Microsoft in the Classroom: Teach yourself, enlighten your students

Learn how to bring technology to your classroom at our free Microsoft in the Classroom workshops. You’ll learn how to enhance student education with technology, find out how to get free tools that spark imagination, and much more.

  • OneNote for Teachers July 1, July 24, July 27 OneNote is a digital note-taking app that lets you take and access notes across all your devices. For teachers, it has become a powerful tool to stay organized, develop lesson plans and work with students, parents and colleagues. Whether you want to share interactive progress reports with parents, capture rich information like links and photos, we will show you why OneNote is an indispensable tool for educators. Topics include: how other teachers use OneNote, how to save on paper and cut costs and use OneNote for parent conferences.
  • Collaboration and Learning in the Cloud July 2, July 31 Enhanced and engaged learning, creating and sharing ideas and forming partnerships are just a few benefits of collaborative classroom learning. Now, with tools like Office 365, OneNote and OneDrive, teachers and their students can team up on projects virtually in the cloud. You will explore collaborative learning techniques with the aim of more effectively engaging your students in the learning process. While the course is designed around a literature based theme, it can be applied to any subject. You will learn how to use OneNote and
  • Tools for the Flipped Classroom June 30, July 17, July 29 The flipped classroom is an innovative method of teaching that allows for multimedia lessons and in-class exercises. Now you can “flip” your own classroom using familiar tools like Office Mix, a free add-on for Power Point 2013 that lets you easily create and share interactive online lessons, with the ability to track each student’s level of understanding. This workshop show you how to create your own Khan Academy like videos, embedded quizzes and even virtual simulations to help your student learn more deeply and become active learning participants. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to teach students how to build their own mixes to share with their peers, create a Mix for various subject types, including math, science, geography and music; and know how to upload and read student progress reports.
  • Teaching in the Digital Age July 3, July 28 Take the learning experience to the next level for your students by making it shareable, digital, and fun. We will show you how Microsoft hardware and software can be used to enhance the learning experience in your classroom. Learn how to easily build lessons, teach students to create their own dynamic digital content and prepare them for the 21st5 century. You’ll use a Surface Pro 3 to easily access, deliver, update and save lesson plans; build and share OneNote lesson plans with other teachers with real-time updates; understand how Windows helps bring learning to life; and learn how to collaborate, share and extend classroom presentations.
  • Teaching App Creation June 29, July 10, July 30 One of the most highly sought-after skills in the workforce today is coding. In the Windows App Studio workshop, we’ll show you how to create an app from a template, add content, and upload your app to the Microsoft5 store – all critical skills you can then share with your students. We will also show you existing apps and additional free resources to help your students stay inspired and continue their education. You’ll learn to create a custom splash and lock screen; generate a custom tile for your app; and make additions to your app.


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Also, be sure to check out Free YouthSpark Summer Camps and Field Trips for your class or group.

Free YouthSpark Summer Camps Four days of fun, coding and creativity  Recommended for ages 8 and up

We offer our free, all new Smart Game Coding and Smart Game Designing camps for both beginners and intermediates. Kids get hands-on experience in coding and designing their own games and apps with the latest technologies, including Kodu, TouchDevelop and Project Spark.

Camps are designed to

  • Enhance knowledge of the latest technology
  • Build critical thinking and problem solving ability
  • Introduce and build on valuable coding skills

Smart Game Coding (Beginner) June 15-18 10AM-12PM, June 22–25 10AM-12PM, August 3– 6 10AM-12PM

Smart Game Coding (Intermediate) June 15-18 1PM-3PM, June 22-25 1PM-3PM, August 10 – 13 10AM-12PM

Smart Game Designing (Beginner) July 13-16 10AM-12PM, July 27-30 10AM-12PM, August 3-6 1PM-3PM

Smart Game Designing (Intermediate) July 13-16 1PM-3PM, July 27-30 1PM-3PM, August 10-13 1PM-3PM

Each camp is two hours a day over four consecutive days of learning and fun. Beginner camps are designed for ages 8 to 11 and intermediate camps for ages 12 and older.

Technology Merit Badges for Scouts From digital photography and movie making to entertainment and game design to astronomy and animation…we have your scouts’ interests covered. Email Romay@microsoft.com for details.

Workshops for everyone!

Brighten your days with new skills

We offer workshops ranging from how to build an hour to tuning up your PC to protecting your family and privacy online. No matter who you are, these interactive sessions will help you achieve more.

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Rose Ellen May | Community Development Specialist | Woodfield Mall | Store 847.466-2830 | romay@microsoft.com | www.MicrosoftStore.com/Schaumburg

Microsoft’s mission is to help people and businesses around the world realize their full potential. We work to accomplish this mission through the development of innovative products and services that help people harness the power, opportunities, and benefits of technology.


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