Belief is a powerful drug. When you believe something is possible, your entire being springs into action to support that belief.

You see things differently. You feel things differently. You interpret what goes on around you differently.

You can’t help it. It’s automatic. Your belief is what inspires your perspective. It determines if you quit or not.

Which is why hoping isn’t good enough.

Losers hope. Winners believe.

The problem with hope is that it’s not a drug. It is just a feeling. Like fear or joy or sadness. It’s not all consuming. It won’t change your perspective in a way that makes you a winner.

It doesn’t drive you to do more work or help you find that extra bit of creativity.

Hope allows you to think that you can skip the training. You don’t need to do anything when you’re hopeful. You can just think about it — hope that it happens.

Belief drives you to action. Hope allows you to take the easy path.

No extra effort expended. No failure to have to endure. A set of goals that seem awesome and some memories. It’s not good enough to be hopeful. It’s not good enough just to want more for yourself.

You have to let yourself be consumed with belief. You have to pump yourself full of belief. Not what other people believe is possible. What you believe is possible.

Hope has you thinking about your destiny. Belief has you achieving it.

Don’t forget that. If you’re not getting closer to where you want to be, you need a different set of beliefs. 

You need to upgrade the thoughts you allow yourself to have.

The hoping business is a losing business. Full of people who quit on their dreams when things get tough or life treats them unfairly.

Believe you can and you will. That’s the stuff of winners.

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