Avoid the easy path.

It’s already crowded with everyone else hoping to achieve success by doing what comes without an extraordinary investment of effort, emotion, and personal investment.

By the way, the quick idea or sure thing isn’t new to you.

You’re not the only one who’s looking for a break in the battle.

You’re not the only one needing a change of pace from the buffeting storms surrounding your quest for greatness.

You gain nothing by choosing the easy option. No new experience. No new skills. No new opportunity to surprise yourself with the greatness already inside you.

The only thing the easy path offers is completion. An end.

Whatever you have to do can be done more quickly if you do it the easy way. It’s done. Over. Completed.

Yet you are the one who’s lost out.

It is you who has failed.

  • You won’t build a better company pursuing the easy path. You might lose top talent along the way.
  • You won’t get rich pursuing the easy path. You might go to jail though.
  • You won’t build stronger relationships, lead better, or uncover the genius of your creativity pursuing the easy path. It’s impossible.

Whenever you’re facing what seems like a complex decisions in the middle of chaos and stress, ask yourself: “Do I want to be better or do I just want what comes next to be easy?” 

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