Is fear blocking you from discovering you LifeWork purpose?  What if fear was actually a call for you to explore and discover your purpose, would you answer the call?  Listen to our inspiring conversation with Davina Kotulski:  Find Your Voice:  From Fear to Fulfillment at:


Davina Kotulski, PH.D., is a psychologist, life coach and internationally known author and speaker in the field of Marriage Equality.  Davina works with clients to live authentic lives in which their dreams come true.  She leads live and on-live writing workshops to help people who have a positive message to get their books written and to make a bigger difference in the world.  She is the author of Love Warriors:  The Rise of the Marriage Equality Movement and Why It Will Prevail, Why You Should Give a Damn About Gay Marriage and the creator of the How to Come Out of the Closet & Into Your Power Program.  She is currently working on a new book, Courageous Heart:  From Fear to Fulfillment

Gem of Wisdom:

“Move past your doubt and connect with the message you want to give and the difference it can make. ”

One Small Step:

Your On Purpose LifeWork has to come from your heart.  Tapping into your heart is where your passion lies.  Use this exercise from Davina to begin to connect with your purpose.

  • On a piece of blank paper draw a heart, about the size of your palm, in the middle of the page.
  • Put your name in the center of the heart
  • As though you are creating veins or arteries from your heart, draw lines from the center of your heart and write on them something that you love (for example, helping people, travel, nature, coffee shops, etc. . .)
  • Circle what stands out for you
  • Flip the page over, put another heart in the middle based on what you’ve circled what is it that you would like to either write a book about or focus your work on and put that in the center of the circle
  • Create veins off of this heart, based on, “What would you want people to know about this?”
  • You now have a heart-centered focus for a book, workshop or the work that you want to be doing. 

Favorite Quotes:

“I always loved helping people.  I wanted to why people did what they did and to help them be their best self.  And obviously I wanted to be my best self, as well.”

“In my work in prisons I saw how beautifully people grow when they can begin to tap into their highest self and let go of old beliefs and old baggage and be able to share who they are.”

“Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin.   It’s not being stopped by our fears but re-framing it as excitement that allows us to move forward.

“I found as a young person that we grow up in a society that gives us lots of messages.  I came out when I was about 13 years old and all the messages were very negative about gay people and that’s when I tapped into my spirituality and really look at beliefs and learn to turn them around.  If we allow to be held back by other people’s beliefs, other people’s fears we don’t get to live fully in the world and have the lives that we came here to live.”

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