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…Who does one talk to if we are alone and isolated? More than likely OURSELVES!! With our government directing us to ISOLATE ourselves / Quarantine ourselves if we find ourselves feeling sick – can this be a good thing? Maybe but on the other hand one of the worst things that we as individuals caught up in an addiction can do is to ISOLATE. We often describe the last three letters of the word Alcohol- ISM acronyms for the words “I” – “Self” and “Me”. Using these words to help us understand that isolating ourselves from others is oftentimes a major prt of our disease. I guess the need for some isolation – at least physically isolating ourselves from others may be a good thing – but an extended period of this sort of living cheats us out of the needed interaction of others. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Why not be heard and share your thoughts on my program as I continue my personal journey into recovery “ONE DAY AT A TIME”

I welcome all callers to my number 323-580-5755 or drop me an email at My Broadcast begins at 7 PM Central Standard Time (Chicago Time) and ends anywhere from 8 to 9 PM depending on how I am feeling or who may be calling in to chat with me. I hope it is YOU!

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