Religion isn’t (usually) seen as logical. It’s emotional. Spiritual. And deeply personal.

It’s built on a foundation of beliefs.

Beliefs that are wired into the very soul of the worshiper. Beliefs that are powerful.

They change what you see and feel. They color the lens through which you see everything happening around you.

Religion will make you do some crazy things.

In the Medieval Ages, religion drove kings to destroy and enslave entire regions of the Earth.

Still today, fundamentalists steeped in beliefs they hold to be incontrovertible will willingly strap on a vest of explosives and blow their own body to pieces in the hopes that they take others with them to their grave.

In the name of religion, parents have knowingly turned a blind eye as their underage children fall into the hands of a perverted cult leader. In the name of religion, believers have willingly consumed poison — by the hundreds.

In the name of religion, rulers have started world wars and murdered millions.

No part of that is logical or intellectually reasonable.

It’s dark and impossibly twisted.

But it didn’t need to make sense for them. It was their religion. They believed it to be so.

Those beliefs drove them to do things that the rest of the world will forever find incomprehensibly shocking.

Because it was a religion. And it didn’t need to make sense.

They lived by their own rules. And didn’t apologize for their own way of looking at the world.

That’s the same secret to your success.

You must believe. You must make your life a religious endeavor of daily moving closer to where you want to be.

Who cares what they think about you. Who cares that they don’t see it your way. Why cares that you look foolish to everyone around you.

If you believe, that is enough. Do you?

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