You won’t get it right all the time. Chances are that you won’t get it right a lot of a time.

You’re going to make mistakes and hurt people. And they aren’t going to be happy about it.

So do better next time.

You can whine and whimper, make excuses, and blame unfair circumstances — or you can just learn from the situation and do better next time.

  • Did you eat too many sugary treats when you’re working hard to lose weight? Don’t give up. Do better tomorrow.
  • Did you fall short of your sales goals at the end of the business quarter? Don’t blame your boss. Do better this quarter.
  • Did you lose your temper and hurt people you care about with unfair words? Don’t be passive agressive. Apologize and do better thenext time.
  • Did you fail your last big school assignment in epic fashion? Don’t drop out. Do better the next opportunity.
  • Did you fail to save for a bad day and are now stuck in debt and broke? Don’t panic. Start doing better with money right now.

Whether it is money or business, relationships, religion, success, exercise, or education — you’re going to be faced with failure on a daily basis.

Opportunities you could have handled.

Times where you could have done more or tried harder.

It’s mistake to wallow in self-pity and doubt. It’s a waste of time and talent to pretend like life is especially unfair to you.

You got it wrong. So what. Do better next time.

Learn. Adapt. Improve. Grow.

Make the next thing you do the best thing you’ve done yet.

You cares what just went down — good or bad. Do better next time.

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