Laura D'Argo

Laura D’Argo

Laura A. D’Argo is a professional Illustrator with expertise in the Giftware, Publishing, Education, Toy, and Corporate Industries. Her diverse works include: Children’s Book illustration, the Giftware line, ”The Potter’s Clay Collection” on QVC, Web Illustration, Jewelry design, Game board illustration, Cookbooks, and even Easter eggs, painted for the White House. Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Columbia College. She teaches art to children and adults. Her fine art gallery exhibits include two solo public shows as well as private studio shows. Her most recent project combines her passion of art and nature in oil paint on small postcard size canvases. These are emailed to a growing list of subscribers thru her newsletter, The Peaceful Paintbrush, A Painting Journal. To subscribe go to: Laura can be found in her studio in Schaumburg, Illinois creating digital illustration for clients, or in her garden, painting fine art traditionally with brush. Her work can be viewed at:  

Peaceful, Nature’s Whispering Voice

Finding Beauty in Our Community The Trickster Gallery in Schaumburg, has a mission of increasing the visibility and impact of contemporary cultural arts and education through all art media. It is a Native American owned and operated Arts Center, also exhibiting art from many cultures. This Saturday, July 12, will be the Artist Opening Reception […]

Pioneer Day

Finding Beauty in Our Community In the mid 1800’s, German Settlers came to the Schaumburg area. It is believed that the first settlement was founded in 1835 not far from what is now called Olde Schaumburg Centre, formerly known as Sarah’s Grove. Faithful farmers, worked the land, developed a close community, and some founded the […]

For the Love of Swans

Finding Beauty in Our Community The snow flies as I write this (yes it was mid-April!), and I think of the duck sitting in my yard devotedly keeping her eggs warm. This dear one will continue to do so for 25 to 29 days. She is a bit on her own in this process though […]

From Sap to Syrup

Finding Beauty in Our Community In the middle of March, a persistent blanket of white and grey snow covers all that was once green, fruitful, and flourishing. It appears to be a cold and barren landscape, however, beneath this hibernating world, deep in the heart of winter, are signs of renewing life. We celebrate one […]

Native Art Gallery

Schaumburg is home to the only Native American owned and operated Art Institution in Illinois: The Trickster Art Gallery. It is more than a gallery of contemporary art (post 1960s). As their vision states, they also provide “first voice cultural education and awareness.” A comprehensive gallery, The Trickster showcases various art disciplines; visual, music, educational […]

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