2014 10 20 1811 LinkedInfluence Review

I want to take this opportunity to give my honest review on LinkedInfluence created by Lewis Howes. I am going to say right now that you will most definitely learn how to drive traffic to your site from LinkedIn. If you are struggling with getting traffic from LinkedIn, this is a solution right there to that issue.

I am sure the first question you are asking is whether or not LinkedInfluence really works, or is it just a course filled with fluff? I will say right now that no, it is not full of fluff. In fact, you definitely need to set aside time to study the course because there is a tonne of information. It will certainly take you a while to take in! This course emphasizes on how you can drive targeted and good quality traffic to your site via LinkedIn. If you use the techniques correctly, you will learn how to save time and money as well. You will also be given a manual which guides you each step of the way while going through the course.

LinkedInfluence also has content from various highly successful marketers that definitely share approaches that do indeed work as long as you follow them, and don’t get distracted in anyway. As long as you take in all of the information and use it, you will be successful with the course. Now I will go over the pros and cons.


  • Will help you save time and increase your money flow
  • Techniques given are scientifically proven to work and are from the real pros
  • Are given real examples to go by and to follow
  • Money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course and it is risk free


  • Price can rise at any time
  • It takes a lot of time for you to learn
  • If you miss any of the steps, you will not succeed
  • It takes a lot of work and time to get results
  • Conclusion

    If you are looking how to make your time spent on LinkedIn worth while, and if you are looking to get targeted traffic on your website from that network- you need to get LinkedInfluence. You must prepare yourself that it will take time and work to see the results after using the techniques that are taught in this course. However, if you do that- you will be successful. Get your copy now because the price could rise at anytime.

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