Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly spent $1 million dollars on four gold plated latrines for their new home ($750,000 per john). They’re probably going to be mad when they find out they could have saved money, upgrading at the same time.

Instead of gold-plated commodes, they could have opted for the happening Satis thrones.

These luxury toilets flush automatically, include multiple bidet sprays and auto-drying, play music and release fragrances. They also offer the highest tech available at a cost of only $5,700 per unit.

Satis privys are operated by the Android phone app “My Satis”. Without ever touching the toilet, users can flush, spray, dry, open/close the lid simply by operating the app on their phone. Gives a whole new meaning to “booty call”.

There is one problem, though. The app isn’t secure. The pin code for every model is 0000 and it can’t be reset.

Crapper hackers can direct the john to do un-Satis-fying acts such as flush, activate the bidet or air-dry functions, or open and close the lid.

Clearly, the Satis is plagued with a major app hole.

It seems that anyone who chooses to use the app before the hole is plugged is just asking to be spoofed.

May the flush be with you!

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Users are less than Satis-fied (Photo from

Users are less than Satis-fied (Photo from techglimpse.com)


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