We all have miss-matched socks. It’s the way it is. We wear socks in pairs and yet after we put them through the wash, we find some that we can’t seem to match. For years I have set these aside in the bag of mismatched socks. I associate the song from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Island of Misfit Toys with this bag of mismatched socks. Periodically, I take out the bag and successfully play match maker and another well-known song pops into my mind.

Eventually I admit that some will never be matched. I use them for cleaning projects before tossing them.

One winter evening I took off my boots and realized that I had worn two different socks all day. These were high quality wool socks, one tan and white, the other grey and white. In the dim light of the morning they had appeared to match. That night I teased my husband about this since he had been the one to pair them up incorrectly. We both laughed and agreed that having warm feet mattered more than having them match.

Since then we don’t try very hard to match the wool socks. It’s become a little tradition to mismatch boot socks. No one sees them but us and it reminds us to appreciate small things like warm socks.

Staying warm,

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