There’s a Super Target near our house so we go there a lot. In addition to various household sundries, they sell groceries and liquor.

The liquor section is closed off on one end. A wall with a door was built between two aisles and there’s no way to enter if you’re on the outside.

Outside of the liquor door

Outside of the liquor door

However, on the other side you see this – the liquor aisle with the door at the far end.

Looking at the liquor door from the other side

Looking at the liquor door from the other side

Notably missing on this side is a door blocking the aisle.

Upon closer inspection, you can see the door is armed.

The liquor door is armed.

The liquor door is armed

Entry’s restricted on one end. But the other is wide open. Furthermore, if you attempt to pass through the nonfunctional door, an alarm will sound.

This doesn’t make any sense to me.

If the goal is to keep underage people out, they can simply walk around to the other side. The only purpose the alarm serves is to offer a playground for those mischievous enough to test it.

Maybe the door is designed to confuse the inebriated. Perhaps they’ll stay longer and buy more if they can’t find their way out.

They unsuspectingly enter through the open end. When finished shopping they head toward the only marked exit to find they’re trapped because the door is armed. After wandering aimlessly, filling their cart along the way, they eventually stumble into the next aisle.

Of course, the simplest explanation is usually right. The door could be there because whoever installed it was drunk and couldn’t find their way out of the liquor aisle because there wasn’t a marked exit.

May the farce be with you!

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