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bloom for women


Recently I became aware of a group that is doing AMAZING things for Women

I want to everyone to know about it.  So here is the skinny on “Bloom for Women.”

About 5 years ago, Dr. Kevin Skinner, a renowned Trauma and Addiction therapist began to realize many of his patients were needing additional help between their visits.  That realization has grown into a network of 50+ licensed counselors who have built:

–  50+ self-help courses designed specifically for women.

–  Active 24/7 community support from thousands of women

–  Weekly Group Q&A sessions.

I was personally invited to access this community and I am sincerely impressed.  The courses are well thought out and professional.  Courses include short videos followed by quick assignments designed to help you create changes in your circumstances or behaviors.  I should also note I was pleasantly surprised to see how active the members are in supporting one another in triumphs and failure.

Courses include topics such as: Self Belief, Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Trauma, Betrayal, Parenting, Relationships, Crucial Conversations, Intimacy, Breathing, Yoga, and many more.

The Bloom Network sincerely wants to help people and has offered me a 50% Coupon Code for any of you who would like to see what it is all about.  After the coupon code, it is $10 per month, and you can cancel at any time.  You can access the community in the link below.

Coupon Code: Miriam50

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