Yesterday Noyo did his first demo.  Generally, he is too young to participate as he is only 4 months old but we were at a dog event.  Noyo impressed the audience by walking on a loose leash, coming when called and sitting on command.  Other than that, he was cute – and he worked it, LOL.

Big brother West was there to show some additional commands.  He is no longer part of Canine Companions for Independence as he was released for mild hip dysplasia but he is well known at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Wisconsin where the event was held.  So, by request we put West through some commands.

We spoke to a woman in a wheel chair who appeared to have some interest in obtaining a service dog.  She was charmed by Noyo and West.  Her husband liked them too but his ideal dog is a German Shepherd.  I think that is what they will be getting and it won’t be a service dog, but their pet.  Oh if only a Graduate Team was there to speak first hand about their experience with a service dog.  I think they would understand better than me, an able bodied person sharing information.  Ah well, everyone has to find their own path.  And of course, we wish everyone the best.

West easily passed his test to be a Therapy Dog.  It takes several weeks for the paperwork to be processed but by September, we will be able to make visits to hospitals, nursing homes and West will be a “Tail Wagging Tudor” at the library.

Enjoy your summer, I am.

All the Best,


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