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Welcome to the first post of what I affectionately refer to as, the Heart of Beauty Blog. As a commercial Artist/Illustrator for over 30 years I have been told I see things others may not. I believe we all see things uniquely.

To give you insight into my perspective, here is a quote from my favorite artist, French Impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir:

To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful and pretty – yes pretty! There are plenty of unpleasant things in life as it is, without creating still more of them.”

Watercolor ©1997 D'Argo

Watercolor ©1997 D’Argo

What can be called art, or what we call beauty, can be debated. That is not my intent here.

I believe we see not just with our eyes, but with our hearts. How is that possible? Come read about all the great and small bits of beauty that surrounds us, to see and experience them together. We are fortunate to live in a very beautiful community. Much of it is seen on the surface in landscapes, architecture and forest preserves, and so much more can be found below the surface. I hope to fill your senses and your heart with the joy found in the community we call home.

Today we take a peek at something small and “hopefully” inspiring: a single acorn fallen from an oak tree at Oak Hollow, in the Kay Wojcik Conservation Area.

For the exact location, click here:   It is one of Schaumburg’s hidden gems, complete with wetlands and restored prairie, were you can look for the 100+ year old oak on this 17½  acre remnant of the original oak grove that first attracted settlers to the area. What makes this little acorn so special, other than its cute beret-like cap? Within its shell lies the potential and possibility to grow into something great. Some acorns grow to over 130 feet and other species reach 160 feet. Below the earth’s surface a taproot grows some 60 feet in length, nurturing magnificent branches reaching skyward for 300 years.

To remind myself of my own potential I keep an acorn on my desk. Pondering the hope for my future, I give thanks to those who had the wisdom to preserve this living legacy for our future and all the little acorns to come.

All the Best,


Finding Beauty In Our Community

Invitation – If you know of something in Schaumburg that leaves you awestruck and want to share, please comment here and join this portal to our beautiful world.



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