Listen to Perspectives On with Jim Treleaven, CEO of Via Strategy Group, LLC, Hans Peter Bech, CEO of TBK Consult and Jim Yates, CEO of Network Magic discuss topics in technology, globalization and business.

Host Bios:

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Jim Treleaven is the President and CEO of Via Strategy Group, LLC (VSG). VSG advises CEOs on growth and turnaround strategies and has affiliates throughout the US and in five countries. He has had a successful career in industry as the CEO of both public and private technology companies ranging in size from $40 to $500 million. Most recently he was Chairman and CEO of Catalyst International, a NASDAQ listed supply chain software company.

He received his BS Degree in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, his MBA from the University of Minnesota and his PhD in Management from Case. He has taught at Case and has lectured at several other leading universities.

Jim currently serves on the Board of Directors of TechAmerica, the Illinois Technology Association (ITA), and has served as Chair of the National Computer Graphics Association (NCGA). He serves on the Advisory Boards of the Weatherhead School of Management at Case the Morris Graduate School of Management at Robert Morris University, and the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University.

Dr Jim Treleaven  –  CEO ViaStrategy Group, LLC
ph: 630-793-9050


Hans Peter Bech

Hans Peter Bech is the founder and CEO of TBK Consult Holding ApS (

Hans Peter has been in the IT industry since 1980 where he joined Control Data Corporation as a ales trainee. Since then he has primarily been engaged with international business development taking software solutions to all corners of the world.

From 1998 to 2001 Hans Peter lived in Stuttgart, Germany responsible for building the business for Damgaard/Navision in the German speaking markets. In 2002 Microsoft acquired Navision.

He started his career as a management consultant in 2003 and founded TBK Consult in 2007. Since then he has built the company to its present position with 24 senior consultants in 16 countries.

Hans Peter oversees the development of TBK Consult as well as performs management consulting assignments for selected clients.
Hans Peter holds a M.A. in macroeconomics and political science from the University of Copenhagen; he speaks Danish, English and German and is a certified ValuePerform and Business Model Generation consultant.

Hans Peter is the author of numerous articles on international business development in the software industry. In 2012 he published his first book on lean business planning in the software industry. This year he has published his second book with the title “Management Consulting Essentials”.

Hans Peter Bech, CEO  of TBK Consult
ph:  +45 4333 1740


Jim Yates is the CEO and Founder of Network Magic Corporation.

Jim has more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience leading multi-national teams in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, directing businesses with revenues in excess of $250 million.

He began his professional career as a software engineer at British defense contractor Ferranti, leading some of the earliest developments in microprocessor technology for naval command and control systems.  He rose through the company to run the largest and most successful division.

He’s also served as CEO of GEC-signaling supervising four GEC companies in the defense, simulation and software areas.  He also served as CEO of international operations for Logica, directing businesses in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the US.  Jim is Australian by birth, is based in Orlando, Florida and has become an American citizen.

James Yates
Network Magic
ph: +1 407-661-1231

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