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Like many people, these days I find myself with a little extra time and a LOT of extra angst. Although my schedule hasn’t changed a lot, since we still go to our office every day, I’m spending every evening and most of the weekend at home. Since I started doing artwork again almost 2 years ago and have a house (and shed) full of supplies, using my extra time, and extra nervous energy (can anyone else relate?) seemed inevitable.

I love functional art, so I decided it was time to try making some bowls using my preferred medium: resin. With resin, timing is important, so I knew that the first one I did might be a bust. After pouring the resin (with alcohol ink and other pigments for color), I had to wait a few hours before draping it over a vase and letting it harden. On my first try, I didn’t wait quite long enough and the resin ran quite a bit. However, I did like the final result.

On my next try, I actually waited longer, but the day was cooler, so I had even more resin run. Not quite what I was looking for, but still fun.

For my third experiment, I was ready for some other colors, and I waited longer to drape the resin over the vase. This time, the resin was more opaque because of the pigments I chose, but I enjoyed the effect.

Although the future of this year’s art festivals is uncertain, I’ll keep learning new techniques and creating new products for whenever the art festivals resume.

I’d love to hear what others are doing with their extra time and extra nervous energy!!

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