Randy Baxley

Randy Baxley

Randy Baxley

So how does an old guy who loves Python open source programming write a bio? Very few people still living ever bread boarded a program so maybe we do not start there. Some folks may have seen an 028 or an 029 keypunch machine. Still ancient history. I guess this is where I put in that I tried Pre Vet Med at Texas A & M. I found out that I was not that smart. I hitch hiked to Puget Sound. Bought into and worked in a plywood mill. Joined the Air Force then later back to Houston. Knocked around as a cowboy in hippy land for a bit. A friend said “Randy, you ain’t no dummy.” So I went back to school at the University of Houston. I took hours there and elsewhere from about ten universities in whatever interested me. Those ranged from drama with the same docs who taught Randy and Dennis Quaid to theoretical mathematics. I settled in the Computer Science Department. I continue to be lifelong learner.

Maybe we start with my being 547 pounds from the problems sleeping an N24 schedule come with. Needing to be trained in using the RTA systems which include the CTA systems. The trainers not asking me if I was claustrophobic before putting me on a train that goes into a tunnel.

Perhaps we move on to having gastric bypass surgery, losing a lot of weight and moving to Chicago proper from Schaumburg where Caffeinated Connections was one of my favorite things. There I had spent five of my ten years repairing mobility devices as a field service rep for a major in that field.

We moved to where there is an official taxing and shopping district known as The Six Corners. There I needed to help my wife and her bad knees find ways to work that involved as few stairs as possible. That led to an understanding of the lack of information easily available for where and when there are working elevators or escalators. So trying to solve this led to an open source project to make travel and job search information easily available and first virtually then in RL for friends I have met along the way of many differing abilities so different perceptions of what accessible means.

So the plan is to try to find places and folks of interest locally and in that open government hacking areas and write blog post about them. Loving the intersection of 2nd Life and RL this will hopefully lead to our own Caffeinated Connections over by here.

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