Progress requires a struggle. Success demands a fight.

You won’t get to where you want to be without standing your ground and pushing back against the obstacles in your way.

But just because you fight doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes the guy doing the right thing isn’t the guy who ends up as the hero of the story.

That’s not a reason to give up. That’s not an excuse for backing down.

It’s just the harsh reality that winners have to go through.

To stay focused on the fight you have to have a reason to continue. It’s got to be a higher calling. A bigger purpose.

A motivation rooted deep in your soul.

That’s the story of Rick Sabo that you’re about to hear. A man whose family was brutally pushed around by the insurance mob. Family members harassed, threatened, and taken out.

It cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to do the right thing. No one believed in him. Success cost him everything. Winning wasn’t as glorious as you might think it would be. He did it anyway.

This is the story of a man who thinks he is fighting for justice. The ending is guaranteed to surprise you.


Rick was the most researched and prepared of all the people that we interviewed. He had boxes of evidence from his days fighting the mob — countless newspaper clippings and financial data.

He sent us reams of paperwork from his undercover operation as well as video highlights from TV, notes from the ongoing investigation, and countless pieces of evidence he had scraped together over the years.

Matt and I spent over 5 hours talking with Rick for this interview. He didn’t embellish and it often took me two or three tries asking the same question different ways in order to get him to harness his emotions about what he went through.

I still remember when Matt came running into my office after the twist in the story with eyes wide open: “Dan, you’re never going to believe what Rick just told me.”

I knew in an instant that I had the story all wrong. The new story was so much more interesting.

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