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Schaumburg Business Association

SBA logo The SBA’s mission is to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of the Schaumburg Area. We connect our members to each other and to the community and serve as the primary advocate for businesses in the region.

The Schaumburg Business Association is dedicated to our members’ growth and prosperity. We advance business causes and are committed to helping our members maintain a competitive edge by providing them with outstanding programs, benefits and services.

The Association was formed in 2001 to represent the needs of Schaumburg businesses. The Association embodies the spirit of our business community that includes a dynamic blend of corporate, commercial, retail, service and industrial businesses located in the largest suburban economic center in the State of Illinois.

Business leaders take pride in their Schaumburg location. They have experienced consistent growth due in large part to the community’s support for excellence in schools, colleges and universities that produce an educated workforce capable of meeting the diverse staffing needs of virtually any business. The Schaumburg business community also enjoys an outstanding park district, library and general aviation airport as well as a well-maintained network of highways and expressways that provide convenient access.

We look forward to a future of promise as we build upon the Schaumburg business community’s history of strength, leadership and accomplishment. We welcome you to join our Association that includes business newcomers as well as the companies who have grown and prospered throughout Schaumburg’s history.

Contact information:

Schaumburg Business Association,
1501 East Woodfield Road, Suite 115A
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: 847-413-1010
Fax: 847-413-1414

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