We all love closing our eyes and pulling names out of the bowl to see whose Secret Santa we will become. But after the fun and excitement subsides — we are often hit with anxiety, concern and doubt.

Will the gift be too much or not enough? Will it embarrass the receiver or worse, ourselves. Will it shout the wrong message or subtlety imply a too personal one?

All too often this holiday party gift-giving game, which is meant to be generous and fun, becomes stressful and distracting. Here is a Secret Santa solution which falls under the “spend less than $10 budget” while being meaningful.

Misunderstood by Merrick Egber, is a self-published poetry book available on Amazon for less than $6.00 per copy. Misunderstood is a moving and inspiring collection of 30 poems, most of them short in length, and spanning a wide variety of topics.

Each page offers something new, fresh and unique — from poems celebrating holidays to a fantasy tale about cookies and candy to poems with plot twists at the end. Readers will never be bored with this anthology.

And for co-workers who have a train, bus or subway commute — they will be thrilled with a lightweight 40 page paperback that can fit easily in their briefcase, tablet case, messenger bag or purse.

This book is an especially lovely gift because the author has Asperger’s Syndrome and his poetry is an expression of the things we all share while also being personal to his own journey.

Misunderstood is only available on Amazon.

For more info on the author, visit his website www.MerrickWrites.com

Misunderstood by Merrick Egber

Misunderstood by Merrick Egber

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