Anybody can be average.

In fact, that’s pretty much the definition of ordinary. The status quo. What everybody else is doing.

A job that pays you enough to buy a house, a car, and enough pleasantries to pretend like your future might be awesome.

But average doesn’t ended nicely.

You can’t be average and awesome at the same time.

You can’t work less and make more. The hard truth about achieving greatness is that you have to feel uncomfortable in order to get to where you want to be.

Sometimes that means you have to spend your last penny to gamble on an idea that only you thinks might work. Other times that means you have to look ridiculous by being different, sticking out, and believing in things that other people find fault with.

It’s tough to stop being average.

It’s easy to confuse thinking you’re awesome with just being average in the business world.

You run from meeting to meeting, assuming that because you’re busy you’re doing things that really matter. But you never have the tough conversations. You don’t speak out about the real issues. You just stay busy and hope that your future is wonderful and magical.

And the realization you come to — usually at the worst of times — is that it takes time to stop being average.

You can’t just start being awesome when you need to be.

You’ll have had to ditched being average a long time ago.

Which is a promise of hope if you have been working at this for a while.

The only thing you can’t do is that one thing you’re not willing to do.

You decide if you stay average. You decide if you have a chance to achieve something that other people call awesome. 

Being average doesn’t make you lucky.

Being average doesn’t make you awesome. Being average keeps you feeling stuck.

Held against your will. A slave. Captive.

You’re the one with the key.

Set your self free.

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