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Dan Czuba - Road to RecoveryStarting the NEW YEAR kicking an Addiction? Join ME – The ROAD TO RECOVERY by Dan Czuba

Welll here we are reaching the end of the year 2019 and OH WHAT A YEAR it has been! I celberated over 24 years of continuous SOBRIETY – I GOT MARRIED – OUR BROADCAST ENTERED ITS 8TH YEAR. and YES – I GOT MARRIED! Here it is the end of the year approacheing and I AM STILL MARRIED AND HAPPILY MARRIED AT THAT!  Who would have thunk it eh? NOT ME FOR SURE! Well at least not 24 years, 3 months and 23 days ago today – I most certainly would not have imagined what my life would have looked like in todays day and time.

I couldnt een have imagined that I would be alive and kicking let alone living and loving ONE WOMAN AS I DO MY MARTHA! Yes I truly have many things to be grateful for and Martha is the second best next to BEING CLEAN AND SOBER!

Join me as I review the year gone by and some of the things I have learned during my transition from beng a single bachelor to commiting myself in a Marriage to a most wonderful woman. Martha!

I welcome all callers with questions / comments / stories of your own. 323-580-5755 My show will air from 7 pm to well lets see how long it goes this year…9PM?

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