It is a ridiculous waste of your time to worry about how other people view you. Specifically, if you’re trying too hard.

You can’t try too hard. That’s never going to be your problem.

You might hustle in ways that lack a bit of class — but your problem isn’t that you’re trying so hard that it is stopping you from being successful.

That’s just silliness.

Part of why you think that is the peer pressure from other people who are lazy and still want to look like they’re awesome. Which is an insane combination.

The other part of that is the “don’t stand out and be weird” rule you’ve been taught to believe since you were a small child.

Sometimes hustle is embarrassing.

You have to do things that make you look stupid and feel uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t do them.

And it doesn’t mean you’re trying too hard.

Let other people think what they want. You stay busy getting to where you want to be.

Don’t be embarrassed by your hustle. Be upset with yourself that you aren’t trying harder.

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