You’re not too good to get on your knees and work for success. 

That’s what it takes to achieve greatness. Humility. A deep sense of mission and purpose. 

You might feel like you’ve struggled too long to still be in this position right now. 

You might feel like you’re above the primacy of doing whatever it takes. 

In truth, you can never outgrow desire. 

You never stop needing to be humble and hopeful. That’s the secret to domination.

That’s the secret to taking your game to the next level. 

You need the humility to know that at any time life can break you and the hopefulness to believe that you’re strong enough to get back up.

That you are committed to continue fighting even when you feel like your effort is wasted. 

Doing whatever it takes isn’t about you puffing out your chest standing on the trophy podium with your hand raising showing that you are the best. 

It’s about all the sleepless nights you’ve had to endure to get there.

It’s about the pain of practicing with purpose. It’s about the loneliness of focused vision. 

You’re not smiling through the tedious effort and never-ending journey. 

It’s the grimace in the grind. But humility keeps you grounded. 

Never forget that every other person who has accomplished anything of note has had to do the exact same thing as you’re doing right now. 

Humility reminds you that what makes you great isn’t your inherent talent or birthright, but your ability to do what is hard and embarrassing and thankless. 

What makes you great is your unabashed dedication to accomplishing your goals.

That’s demands humility.

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