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The Mighty Mind

Free Your Genius Within

How can you stay mentally young and alert as the years go by? What are the ways that you can ward off dementia?

The brain rules our bodies, our reactions, our emotions and so much more.

Joanne Telser-Frère

Joanne Telser-Frère

Join Joanne Telser-Frère as she and her guests delve into the mysteries of The Mighty Mind.

All of Joanne’s guests will bring you insight to the way the brain functions.

From neuroscientists, psychologists, nutritionists, and others in the scientific world you will learn about the brain as an organ and what we can do to maintain its vitality.

You will also hear from people who focus on The Mighty Mind and the relationship to the body. Dancers, life coaches, philosophers and other mind/body experts will share their secrets with you as they discuss different ways to age in a healthy way and stay mentally alert.

In the old days it was thought that the brain was completely formed during childhood and would slowly degrade during one’s lifespan. Today we know that the brain has “plasticity”, and we can grow new brain cells throughout our lives.

Tune into The Mighty Mind to meet people from all walks of life whose work concerns this amazing organ and its relationship to our everyday lives.

Joanne is a brain trainer and Director of CogFit-Quest, Ltd. in Skokie Illinois. She has developed interactive group-oriented brain fitness courses to get sharp and stay sharp. She also teaches a mind/body fitness program as Certified Educator for Ageless Grace.™

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