…the Darkness of DENIAL into the light of ACCEPTANCE and Ultimtaely RECOVERY….

Join us every week as we “TRUDGE THE ROAD OF HAPPY DESTINY” One Day at a TIme, reflecting on issues relating to various types / forms of addictions such as Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, FOOD, Se, ography, Chaos, etc,,,

Don’t go it alone – Recovery is always better with a friend / companion.

Our shopw airs 7 to 9 pm every Sunday evening and we are about to start our 8th year of Broadcasting. As a person in recovery for over 23 years, 7 months, and 22 days TODAY – But who is Counting? “I AM!”  I am proud and very Happy that I have been able to maintain my Sober State of mine and enhance my Sobriety on a Daily basis. There are no secrets to doing this – just adopting a commitment to wanting more out of life and becoming willing to go to any length to getand keep it!


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