That other person that looks successful and is telling you they have all the answers probably can’t help you the way you think they can.

They don’t have the answers to your problems.

They might have a answer to a problem that they solved for themselves or someone else — but there’s no guarantee that your problem is something that they can fix.

It’s important you realize that as soon as possible.

Just because you feel more stuck than they appear to be doesn’t mean that you need their help. Or that you can unstick yourself by paying them for their help.

That’s the irony of other people’s success. It all looks better in hindsight.

Your situation always feels worse than it actually is.

What makes your situation truly bad is when you panic and foolishly pay other people to do what only you can do for yourself.

It’s going to take some time to fix your situation.

It’s not going to be easy, cheap, or pretty. It’s going to take you longer then the consultants want to admit.

You’re going to have to invest more time and emotion than you expect going in. That’s the reality of solving complex problems.

  1. Stop outsourcing the magic of figuring things out for yourself.
  2. Talk things out with smart people who have different insights than you do.
  3. Spend time developing advocates who can help you navigate complex challenges.

Build your will to figure it out.

Most importantly, stop believing that just because you pay someone with a “proven seven step process” that all of your problems will go away.

Not only will you be frustrated when you realize that solving your problem isn’t as easy as you were promised, you’ll have less money to fix that problem moving forward.

Sometimes the right choice is just not making the stupid choice.

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