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I’m always searching for new material and this week I found three incredible stories.

1. Scientists Clone Baby Dinosaur

Jurassic Park is real! British scientists successfully cloned a dinosaur. The miraculous creature is an Apatosaurus named Spot. DNA was extracted from fossils and injected into an ostrich to create the clone. There’s no telling where this incredible advancement will lead.


Cloned Baby Dinosaur

Cloned Baby Dinosaur

2. Google Earth Saves Woman Trapped on Desert Island

Who would have predicted that Google Earth could save someone’s life? It did for Gemma Sheridan. She had been stranded on a desert island for seven years after her boat shipwrecked. She crafted an SOS sign on the beach hoping a passing plane would see it and rescue her. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine her message would be seen on Google Earth and reported to authorities. But that’s exactly what happened. Gemma’s now been happily reunited with her family.

Google Earth Saves the Day

Google Earth Saves the Day

3. Internet Shuts Down For Spring Cleaning

Don’t plan on reading this blog between 12:01 am on April 12 and noon on April 13. The Internet is going to be shut down for 36 hours for its annual spring-cleaning. Once all the old data is purged, the Internet should work better and faster. A new blog will be posted on the afternoon of the 13th, after the spring cleaning is concluded.

Internet Shuts Down

Internet Shuts Down

According to the World Wide Web, 98% of people distrust the information they read on the Internet; 2% are gullible. I found these stories fascinating and if you agree (aka you’re in the 2%), I’ve got some land to sell you in Florida…

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,


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