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Another great article I am commenting on from Social Media Today. This article was titled Top 3 Social Media Bad Habits in Business. I am calling it pet peeves because that is what they are. The fact of the matter is, the majority of business owners are not educated on how to do social media and why they must utilize it the right way in order to keep their businesses successful. Many of them do not want to spend the money to a social media manager to take care of their accounts while they should be focusing on other aspects of their businesses. Therefore, so many of them prefer to do just take care of it themselves, and they frequently get into trouble. Besides posting content that could be a huge turn off to potential clients and customers- many of these business owners attempt to sell hard to anyone who they connect with on their social networks.

Many of them believe that just because there is a new follower on their Twitter account, or new fan on their Facebook page, that individual may be ready to buy from them right away. Now, it is true if a Twitter account, or a Facebook page of a particular business gains a new follower or fan- that new fan or follower is indeed interested in that business. However, it does not mean that he or she will be an immediate customer or client either. And if all that new fan or follower is seeing hard selling over and over again, where do you think he or she will go? Somewhere far away!

Social media is about communication, interaction and forming relationships! Once trust is established, then any fan or follower will look further into purchasing! It is okay to mention a business special or an update, however, overselling is going to turn them away. It is best to share compelling content about the niche you are in to educate your fans and followers, and interact with them, always! That is how trust is formed.

Another major peeve that many business owners do is create tonnes of social media accounts, let them sit there, and eventually are forgotten about. Once they are forgotten about, new accounts are formed and may eventually be forgotten about as well. It does look very bad on the business if there is an old account that has been left and forgotten. It is best to form one account on the most used networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Other accounts that you are not that familiar with, and that are less used overall- just forget. Keep it simple.

Another major peeve is lack of interaction from the business while the business owner is tweeting or posting all of the time. If that is all you are doing and not listening to your fans and followers, and ignoring replies, that will drive potential business away. Be careful to not over post and keep interaction consistent.

Every business owner must educate themselves about how to use social media the proper way, and consider outsourcing if time is being eaten away. In the meantime, have a great and safe holiday!

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