It’s not enough to know what to do or how to do it.

Winners just don’t know how to win. They want to win.

They want to win before they know how to win.

They’re not even sure they have the skills and talent to win, but they are absolutely sure they need to win.

It’s like oxygen. It’s a necessity for life. Not a “nice” to have. It’s a “need” to have. A primal urge. A longing wired into the very core of their being.

That want is what makes the difference.

It’s what separates them from everybody else. They want it more.

That impacts how they spend their time and where they invest their money, the friends they hang around, the news they listen to, and the thoughts they allow themselves to have.

That desire is what drives them to act differently.

Long after everyone else has given up or made excuses for not doing the hard things, winners continue to cultivate the need to want.

They want to need to want.

That matters. Results are a trailing indicator. Winning or losing — either one — is a circumstance you figure out at the very end of massive amounts of effort and strategic energy.

It’s the last thing you figure out. Good or bad — you have to go through the entire process to get to the result. It’s all or nothing.

But wanting — really needing to want — is something you can monitor all along the way. It’s not all or nothing.

It’s a real-time indicator of success.

You don’t need to wait to figure it out. You don’t need help to get it right.  You can know right now if you want it bad enough enough.

And you know what you need to do to fix that — you have to want to need it.

Spend time each day thinking about what you really want for your life. Meditate on it. Let it consume you.

Measure your momentum by the dissatisfaction you feel.

Winners want to win. They need to win. They want to need to win.

What do you need?

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