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Dan Czuba - Road to Recovery

…. A new year has started and if you are one of the many who are trying to kick / quit an addiction – well the I would personally like to congratulate you on a wise decision. HOWEVER let me be the first to reign in your plans to a much more manageable degree – thus giving you the best possibility of getting and staying SOBER. Instead of saying to yourself and others that you are going to really try to stay sober from here on out – lets toss that aside and say ONLY to our selves – I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STAY SOBER JUST FOR TODAY! Forget about tomorrow until tomorrow arrives and stay focused on just today! You may be amazed at your ability to hadle just today instead f taking the whole rest of your life onto your shoulders. NO ONES SHOULDERS are that capable – NOT EVEN MINE!

Join me every Sunday from 7 to 9? PM as I review the previous week and share my hopes for the upcoming week. I will candidly share with my listeners the issues that had impact on my life/work and what I did to handle them in a SOBER manner. It can be done! I can teach you what worked for me and maybe you will be able to formulate a plan or program for yourself. I am confident that ANYONE can get this program and live a much FULLER / HAPPIER LIFE! I AM!

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