Your Voice, Your Actions Gives us Reason to Pause?

Recently someone dear told me, something I shared gave her reason to pause. Since starting Aloha Chicks, I’m working with small business owners and head of households who frequently give me reason to stand back in awe. To Pause. And to breathe in a new beginning. A stronger and more purposeful beginning.

I find their committedness and humility enlightens me. It affirms the brilliance of people who have their craft together. And it reminds me that my own practice, my own voice, may also cause others to pause.

My father constantly gave me reason to pause.  Many times if was little grasshopper trying to untangle a web of frustration.  Other times it was, “How did he know?”  Then there were those incredible insightful,

To pause in our ahupua’a (a place which we tender and nurture) and rest.  To pause and reflect. Or possibly consider a behavior adjustment. Or count their 1000’s of blessings for those who ground them.

Some days, the families I serve welcome the reflections of place. Other times, they welcome the lessons of people who have traveled a hard journey. And then there are days when we can’t ignore our elders who lay on us wisdoms of many lifetimes.

They listen quietly, intently and committedly. Earnestly waiting for the resolve around the corner. And as its presented, a breath of fresh air caresses our face.  The calm relief gives way to relaxed shoulders.  The security of safety beckons the space ALOHA!

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