What’s it going to take to get your attention?

You’ve been wasting your time. Filling your life with self-destructive behaviors and fulfilling personal addictions. Thinking little of the consequences that are sure to follow.

You aren’t obsessed about a purpose.

You’re just trying to do as little as possible. You’re hoping that no one else notices that you’re not committed.

It’s not even about commitment.

You’re barely even going through the motions. You’re not even pretending to care.

But you will one day.

You will care eventually. It is inevitable. Life has a way of getting your attention.

What you invest in ultimately comes back to help or hurt you. It might take months. Or years. Even decades.

It might take so long that you’re convinced you can get away with living a life without consequence. There is no escaping.

You don’t need to. Embrace it.

Relish in the knowledge that your hard work and enthusiastic focus will come back to benefit you.

Live life on your terms–without waiting for your string of careless living to catch up to you.

That requires intensity. It requires urgency. It demands accountability.

What a sad existence to realize too late that you could have started living an awesome life earlier.

Which begs the most important question you can ask yourself right now:

What is it going to take to get your attention?

What magnificent awfulness needs to happen for you wake up and be the amazing person you were meant to be?

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