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Last week I had written a blog post on what causes so many of us to procrastinate. Many times, when we have the need to procrastinate, we are either overwhelmed, or not passionate.

Unfortunately, many times we are afraid to ditch things that we are not passionate about. I am not talking about household chores that need to be done that you probably don’t feel like doing. Those unfortunately you cannot ditch unless you have enough money to hire a maid full time. Most of us do not. I am talking about taking on projects that we thought we would initially enjoy. When we find out we are not passionate about what we have taken on, many times we are afraid to ditch it, and end up stressed because not only is our load larger- but we are working on something we do not at all like.

However, it comes to a point when our loads are too large to bear and that is when we realize it is time to evaluate what needs to go, or to be outsourced. Firstly, we immediately will end up ditching anything we are just not passionate about after realizing what we truly can handle. The guilt disappears once you know your sanity has been at stake due to hanging onto something you really do not enjoy. That is when those things are deleted.

However, let’s take a look at something you are passionate about doing, but you have a hard time even getting that complete because you are overwhelmed. When you get to that point, again that is when you need to determine what you can realistically do, or outsource- or eliminate.

For instance, you have decided to create a course. You are passionate about your new project. However, you are finding that you cannot realistically complete it on your own. That is when it is time to determine what parts of the course you CAN create, and what parts of it need to be outsourced. If you can write up the script, then focus on that. If you are not comfortable with creating the video, find a freelancer who can. That being said, you will need to prepare yourself to spend some money in these situations. If there are ideas you have as well that are not working out for what you are doing, that is when to delete those all together.

The goal is to simplify your life and to simplify your work. That is why it is important to know when to delete things, or to delegate things that you realistically cannot do.

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